Thursday, 31 January 2019

An Open Letter To Minister of Health & Social Welfare Dr Isatou Touray (Part.2)

Honourable Minister, I write to you once more again with much sorrow and sadness as a disturbed concern citizen and not a viewer about the increasing rate at which many innocent patients are losing their lives in some health facilities countrywide. Besides, you are aware that Health plays a major role in one's life. It is very crucial for a person to survive on this planet earth. Improper health leads to the death of the person, it also leads to some of the major diseases making the person unfit to execute his task.

Honourable Minister, the purpose of my open letter is not only to congratulate you but it is also to ask you to spend few minutes of your time and think about our patient lying down in hospitals without proper medication. Some citizens in the rural area have to walk long hours to reach the government hospital. When a severe case, most of the villagers use donkeys as a mean of transportation in which many suffer before reaching the hospital, just because it is located far away without access to Ambulances.

The Barrow led administration promised to provide better healthcare to the citizens from Kartong to Koina. It is believed that the clinics and the hospitals supposed to be the safe refuge for the sick. It is the place where we expect that anyone who is about to visit the next world can be assisted to come back to life. Meanwhile, I totally agree that The Gambia health sector has some dedicated professionals who work with passion and try their ultimate best to serve their patients with meagre resources.

Honourable Minister, the last time I checked the health sector under your leadership is in a catastrophic state of concern. Sources close to the corridors of your office has it that, ‘‘the community of Salikene lack Ambulance, Kuntaur District Hospital is also without a Medical Doctor, inadequate cleansing materials for health facilities, the poor infrastructure of health institutions and staff accommodation facilities, inadequate drug and equipment in health facilities’’.

I submit to you that The Gambia health sector under your leadership is sinking in the broad daylight like the mighty Titanic as a result of inadequate medical facilities and the human resources across the country. Furthermore, the sovereign citizens at the rural areas especially those at Bolibanna find it difficult to access the medical facilities.

Honourable Minister, how can the sovereign citizens have trust in the Barrow led administration if the health sector is moving towards an unknown destination? Health is very vital, besides maintaining good health should be your primary focus for a better Gambia we want as per The Gambia National Development Plan. (2018-2021).

Voting is our right, but it is also our responsibility because if we don't take the next step and elect leaders who are committed to building a better future for our kids, other rights our rights to clean air, clean water, health, and prosperity are placed directly in harm's way. (Tom Steyer).

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