Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Society That Ignores Religion Fall A Prey To Corruption

I write to express my concern over the issue of corruption in government. Since after independence there has been total and open corruption by both Governments officials who have been placed to manage the affairs of the State.

We have seen the privilege given to some individuals to manage the affairs of this country being misused, some have enriched themselves and their allies and in turn, the very people who have elected them to serve have been neglected and the country is saddled with huge debts which our children and grandchildren will have to repay. Every day newspapers tell us tragic stories of many incidents of corruption. In offices, no file moves until the dealing officials get the bribe.

The society that ignores religion fall a prey to corruption. If the man who is committing corruption has the fear of God, he will never make a fuss of in this act. As we have broken our links with religion, we have no sense of right or wrong. We have forgotten the golden rules set by our elders as per the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.

The best way to tackle this crisis is to create a social consciousness amongst the people on this very vital issue. The corrupt elements should be thoroughly exposed and given an exemplary punishment. Those who bring the cases of corruption to the notice of the authorities should be publicly humoured and richly rewarded.

The corrupt rulers have forgotten the practices of Hazrat Omar (RA). Hazrat Omar (RA) kept awake during the nights and had a round of the city to see the real situation of his society. He held himself responsible if even a dog died of hunger. Do our rulers or politicians show this type of the character?

To control corruption, we have to make our people true Muslims and Christians. Only our religion can guarantee the purity of body and soul. It teaches us the lesson of simplicity and satisfaction. It will make us God-fearing people. If everyone becomes gentle and considerate, there will be no corruption at all for a better society we all want to see.


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