Monday, 1 October 2018

Re: Don’t Blame Police Officer David Kujabi – there are many out there like him!

David Kujabi
Reference is invited from the article published on the Freedom Newspaper dated September 27, 2018, as per the above subject matter. The aforesaid immortality article of accusation is a hateful fabrication of huge lies and dislike at the highest level on top of Mountain Everest, mathematically calculated wrongly with the intention of ruining and undermining the status of David Kujabi, are we in the area of character assassination?

The aforesaid evil, wicked article, was a malicious mixture of offensive mammoth lies, hatred, deep-rooted academic and intellectual jealousy, designed and projected to portray David in a bad light, and to nastily wipe out the dignity and impeccable honour he is known for as a Police officer. In fact, the author has the audacity to add hatred on our noble, splendid Police Institution.

Dalasi Keme should note that David is exercising his constitutional rights “right of freedom of speech and expression” and “right of academic freedom”, which are expressly guaranteed by Section 25 (1)(A) and Section 25(1)(B) respectively, of The Gambia’s 1997 Constitution.

The author name Dalasi Keme, hypocritically hiding behind the keyboard has the guts to spew garbage on an honourable and finest Police officer of our time. I will advise the author of such an evil article to utilize the opportunity well as such will not take him/her any were.

‘’I am watching and monitoring and I intend to continue to contribute henceforth because some of us cannot remain silent watchers. Apologies, but I can’t be bothered to use my real name, a protection social media also provides’’ Said, Dalasi Keme.

Surprisingly, enough Dalasi Keme has the backbone, and the moral fibre to accuse David as a disgruntled officer. This saw how academically raw, crude and evil he/she is since he/she is hiding behind a fake name.

I refer Dalasi Keme to the 1997 constitution to familiarize himself/ herself on Section 24(3) A of the 1997 constitution (Presumption of innocence). Furthermore, David is serving this country of ours with sincerity, honesty, integrity, passion and courage.

I think it is high time we help the government with how government's function. Our collective responsibilities should be how to bring back the lost glory of the country for the past wasted 53 years of so-called independence. Fact, no one but us can make our country a better place for us and generation unborn. Let’s try to put The Gambia first before anything else. (Badjie, 2017).

Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Political Activist

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