Thursday, 3 May 2018

Open Letter To Henry “Moh Beah Ballou” Gomez, Minister Of Youth & Sports. (Part.1)

Please be informed that history will not be kind to me if I refuse to point out or draw your attention at this crisis as per the catastrophe faced by our sports and it related matters under your leadership. It is in that note I write to your high office to express my total dissatisfaction, profound concern and melancholy over the present state of Gambia’s Football, and the future of the sport in our country.

Surprisingly enough the Ministry of Youth & Sports (MOYS) is responsible for meeting policy issues as well as co-operating with donor agencies for the youth development programs. Yet still our sports is facing major challenges under your watch.

The biggest tragedy to national development is when a minister don’t have a clear vision neither how to go over it. The road isn’t easy, but without proper, well-thought efforts being put into its development, we will continue to falter instead of proceeding forward for a better Gambia. What The Gambia football needs is a vision, backed by your ministry, helmed by a strong coach, with development programs initiated throughout the country from Kartong to Koina. Only then will we be seeing the rise of the nation as a footballing power in years to come.

The last time I checked this year’s NaYCONF event was poorly managed as a result of inadequate accommodation and food for the participants. Honorable minister, I doubt if you were scrutinize as per your leadership skills and educational background before given this position to lead such a prestigious ministry considering the role played by youth in national development. The youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow therefore they need to be supported to realize and achieve their dreams as it is the only way we can make our country great.

Of recent I felt disappointed, flag basted, bowl over beyond all human imagination upon reading the news that our own Gambia female national team were left stranded at a foreign airport sleeping. As if we don’t have a minister responsible for such. One of the most productive sectors in any nation development is sports. Sports bring about the physical and mental development of human beings. This informs the reason why developed nations pay a lot of attention to sport development which has contributed to having  a productive work force that have performed social, economic and political miracles.

Be reminded that leaders help themselves and others to do the right things and at the right time, right place in an effective and efficient manner. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.

If we are to match our foreign counterparts, a lot of change is needed in the way sport is perceived in The Gambia under your leadership, serious monetary investment with a long term goal in mind is necessary, along with the appointment of a proper coaches with their own staff, instead of saddling everything on an individual.

Furthermore What Gambia’s football needs is an injection of investment at all levels, from a strong grassroots program. There is also the substandard nature of our league. From the bad pitches to poor officiating and also poor remuneration of our players, your ministry cannot raise the standard of our leagues, but can create enabling environment. Consequently sir, as minister of youth and sports, you can mobilize the private sector to not only own football teams but develop the facilities and pay players substantially in order to make the league attractive and competitive.

Hon minister, considering your inadequate knowledge in leadership and sports administration I think you might need a consortium of sports administrators and practitioners to assist you to formulate sports policies and programes that will assist you in the onerous responsibilities bestowed on you if you want to stay long in that hot chair.

To be continued………

Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Blogger/Political Activist

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