Friday, 3 November 2017

Press Release from the Office of the National Youth Revolutionary Movement!

The office of the National Youth Revolutionary Movement comprises of Activists ranging from various areas of expertise and interest such as Politics, Education, Human right, Gender, Entrepreneurship, Peace, Feminism, Pan-Africanism and History, etc.

Our mission is supporting a new generation of progressive young leaders and empowering them to fight for progressive change, elevating the political consciousness. And to transform Gambia’s politics and economic systems in responsive to the needs of The Gambians.

Vision dedicated to liberate Gambians from the bondage of leading by the pensioners with the aim of re building a better Gambia that would one day be led by a youth not only with words but with action. 

The members consist of the youth all those home and abroad. We felt the necessity to bring together a youth group of the revolutionaries to participate in the revolution inside The Gambia to represent the revolution and to convey the true picture of The Gambia to Africa as per Agenda 2063. 

The Revolutionary Movement Office will coordinate with various revolutionaries to unite the voice of the youth and to develop ways that will make the youth to be represented well at the highest offices in The Gambia.

The movement is not affiliated to any political party in The Gambia. The executive is also drafting a constitution which will be shared to the general public for review, comments before validation.


Saidina Alieu Jarjou


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