Thursday, 29 June 2017

Open Letter To Prof. Lamine Conteh, The US. Fraud examiner

Professor (commonly abbreviated as Prof.) is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions of higher education in parts of the world. Therefore it needs hard work, dedication, loyalty, commitment and devotion to earn such a prestigious achievement in the 21st century.

It is in that not I write to inform you that you are in the wrong, erroneous, wide of the mark direction.  However professors are not Jinn’s but at list they are expected to serve as role models especially to the youth rather than been a person that will undermine and poison the minds of the youth.

Professor to be frank with you I am extremely disappointed, saddened, dissatisfied, upset, disenchanted, thwarted and let down as per your recent allegation on Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty the  Minister of interior. Please be informed that too, I am not a member of the GMC neither UDP party. Despite of our difference in political ideology that doesn’t mean that I have to swallow all data.

On 26th June at 10:56 pm as per your Face book post “How could Mai Fatty purchase a D10,000,000 house when he only earned D50,000 x 6 = D300,000 from January to June? Comrades, Mai Fatty should answer to how he acquired this money because there is no paper trail from a bank loan”.

Prof. Conteh as a fraud examiner as you claimed to be one, you have every reason to discuss potential fraud issue. But it is also fair to give Hon. Mai Fatty the benefit of the doubt until when he declares his assets. And I am pretty sure that the source of purchase would be included in the assets declaration form if your allegation is true.

There should not be any jumping to conclusions on issues like this unless there is irrefutable proof of purchase. Rumors including unfounded ones are rife in this country these days which can lead to conflict if not properly managed. One needs to act with caution accusations such as this one should be taken with a pinch of salt in the atmosphere of character assassinations prevalent in our country. My advice on this case will be not to over speed. If I were Prof I would have wait for the assets declaration deadline of July.

I am not surprise of Mai, but I am surprised of a PhD holder, accounting lecturer and a certified fraud examiner who verify information openly without single evidence. Prof. Conteh If you really mean of your acquisition without proof then am having pity, mercy and misfortune for your students at the university.

For now I think Mai fatty will not be that naive to involve in such? As his life and movements are under the microscope for scrutiny. I don’t know why are you in a rush to report such a story when you are vying for presidency. What goes around comes around. Therefore do on to others as you expect them to do on to you Prof.

I will also recommend to you that never call for demonstration say what you want people to know but don’t call for demonstration please for God in heaven sake. Calling for people to take to the street can be illegal if mathematically interpreted wrongly. It is also an offense that is in black and white if it turns to deadly and you will be held responsible.

The question one might be quick to ask will be?  When did he Mai bought the house? Who did he buy it from? Where is the house located? How was the payment made? Whose name is in the house as the owner? Do you have any paper evidences that Mai bought that house and at that price? How can you call for people to demonstrate when all your allegations are based on hearsay? How credible are your sources? Why are they leaking this information to you and not the relevant authorities on the ground? Or even the private the media?

Prof. Conteh, are you still not convinced that there is an assets declaration to be made by President Barrow's ministers latest by July 15, 2017. Thus, it is prudent to safe your arguments until such a time.

On 27 June at 12:15am your letter address to Mai Fatty which reads

Dear Hon Mai Fatty,
According to three independent sources, you have purchased a D10,000,000 house in the Gambia. I have posted this on Face book to enable you to refute the purchase.
As a fraud examiner, I have an obligation to substantiate the denial of this purchase. In other to provide authenticity to your denial, I request that you provide documentation if you are renting the property. As a result of a rental agreement, you should provide the date and any receipts and payments to a payee from the beginning rental date to June 5, 2017.
Sincerely, Dr. Lamine Jassey Conteh”

I don’t think you understand the concept of politics. We have enough media outlets and journalists to investigate and even report on such allegations. Mai will never respond to these childish allegations of yours. If you thinks that a so called leader of a political party in the making should be ranting on face book like a teenager you must be under the weather in the head.

I am sure of that during your tenure to professorship and being a fraud examiner you haven’t came across the guideline of investigation. I will advise you to be familiar acquainted and conversant, with these key points below.

1.      Decide whether to investigate. ...
2.      Take immediate action, if necessary. ...
3.      Choose an investigator. ...
4.      Plan the investigation. ...
5.      Conduct interviews. ...
6.      Gather documents and other evidence. ...
7.      Evaluate the evidence. ...
8.      Take action

Thank you!!

By: Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Blogger/ Activist

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