Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Kanilai bigot the unusual as a bitter confrontation between the peaceful protesters and Senegalise soldiers at the entrance of the village letting to blood shell. Resident of the rural settlement and the Foni environs demanding the immediate evacuation of both the Gambian and Senegalese soldiers in Kanilai.

The protesters were shot on their route to Kanfenda resulting to 5 civilians sustaining injures 3 were said to be in critical condition and one fatal, by the name Mr. Haruna Jatta as a result of gunshot . Who was laid to rest on the 06th June, 2017 in his native village Kanilai. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Ameem!!.

It was narrated that the ECOMIG soldiers from Senegal were informed to shoot the protesters as they are rebels from Cassamance? If that is true then it is complete idiocy to allow any nation, regardless of the external generosity to fight their enemy within your land, and knowing very well and with supreme belief that the aftermath can be life threatening.

The narrow minded would say “who cares” its Jammeh’s home this issue is not a Jammeh’s issue neither Kanilai issue nor Foni issue. It is a national issue despite of our political differences because any weapon that is aimed at the Senegalese is a potential harm to our mother land.

The Casamance Conflict is a low-level conflict that has been waged between the Government of Senegal and the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) since 1982. If the Senegalese are really serious to end the conflict in Cassamance, the barrel of the gun is not the solution to end the situation. It is through dialogue that the situation can be remedy.

The intolerance and lack of respect for one another among Africans combined to invite trouble in Africa. Africans are killing each other and destroying the continent's resources all because of these leaders' power hunger. It is enough to mention the gun rule and slaughtering of people in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and killing of innocent civilians in Cassamance (southern Senegal) among others. These indicate that African leaders are themselves responsible for Africa's underdevelopment and political mayhem. With this era of political ignorance and naivety occupying Africa, there is more than ever need for a continent, indeed a world, without leaders or political borders.

Many will asked this question. Why the heavy deployment of soldiers in one part of the country concisely Foni stuck in the minds of most Gambians?

To protest again external forces is not a crime as it happened in Congo, Haiti and many more, but the protesters were not shot to death.

In Senegal we learnt that the number of protest occurred is uncountable but none of the protesters were shot to death with a life bullet. All what they will do is to use tear gas, rubber bullet and hot water. But why on the Fonika’s?

Also if protesters were armed and with weapons, how came only civilians were injured and killed? Secondly the Fonika’s are not the Zulu tribe of South Africa who move and sleep with traditional weapons.

The question one might ask will be why the ECOMIG forces whose purpose is to maintain peace and stability in the country should fire a single bullet neither to shoot protesters.

To resolve the political violence, accountability, social, justice, transparency rule of law, gender equality and due process must guide governance and leadership in The Gambia.

The real trick to good governance is to place the needs of the masses above everything else; to lead not just with words but with action. Actions define priorities. It’s the only way the Barrow administration can successfully bring us the long sought dividend of democracy.

Electoral reforms must also include other things such as mass education through the national council for civic education.

The authorities should be frequently talking to the nation, visiting places and respond to people concern. You cannot run a government or public institution as your property; rules and regulation of leadership should be followed to minimize defects.

The ministry of interior as part of its responsibilities but not limited to responsible for the Gambia Department of Immigration, visas, the Police Force, running the Prison Service and registering NGOs. Should also place a surveillance to detect crimes and conflict before occurring. 

In rebuilding a new Gambia we want. Policies should be re-written and all criminals despite of their political party, tribe, religion and position should be treated equally in front of the laws of the land. As per our national anthem “let justice guide our action towards the common goal”

To be continued…


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