Thursday, 1 November 2018

Welcoming The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Is Nothing But Celebrating Neocolonialism

It was coined by Kwame Nkrumah in the context of African countries undergoing decolonization in the 1960s. Neo-colonialism is also discussed in the works of Western thinkers such as Jean-Paul Sartre (Colonialism and Neo-colonialism, 1964) and Noam Chomsky (The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, 1979).

The last time I checked Africans were taken as slaves to the new world and forced to work on the plantations without pay. On the African continent, the Europeans seized land from the Africans to establish plantations for the growing of cash crops and forced the people to work on these plantations for a meagre. The African culture was diluted, traditions were taken away and their ways of life were destroyed.

It is so sad to see how the colonizers were welcomed at the Banjul International Airport in a country which they ignored and looted all her resources especially gold, diamonds and agricultural primary products. The British forced the Gambian people to learn their English language, taught them how to eat European food and dress like Europeans abandoning their own traditional way of eating habits and dressing.

Sanna Manjang
‘’So our plane wasn't allowed to land today and we had to circle in the air around the airport for 30 minutes because a Prince was there!! How could so many lives be risked for one person? When I looked around all I could see was restlessness on the faces of passengers. The most annoying part was he wasn't even using the runway. They could let us land and stay aboard the aircraft’’. Said, Sanna Manjang.

The aforesaid immorality action is the highest insult to our sovereignty and Independence. If Edward Francis Small were to arise and see such slavery still happening in The Gambia in the 21st Century he will regret all the effort he did to liberate The Gambia from the British misrule. Let's not be fooled, they have realized the growing influence of China in The Gambia and now they are out there to fix the damage they caused with their own negligence.

A country that has a longstanding relationship with the Gambia and doesn't have a full-fledged embassy in the Gambia and to add insult to injury, Visa applications for our dear compatriots are sent to other countries for processing. Nyang Njie, added.

Why do we need to take TOEFL or any other English language test as nations who have been colonized by the British to prove our ability to speak English language, knowing very well that we have been speaking the language right from primary to university? Why do we need transit visas as nationals of the commonwealth? After decades of British misrule, nothing substantial being in education, healthcare and infrastructure can be seen in The Gambia done by the British. The truth is that their coming has to do with the natural resources that start emerging from our fertile land.

The unanswered question is why the coming of a colonizer should be a headline or even matter of planning by the State. To the extent of using the students to stand for long hours under the hot sun leaving lessons and risking their lives in the traffic. Which black leader is celebrated when they visit Europe?

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