Sunday, 8 July 2018

Open Letter To Hon. Saikouba Jarju, National Assembly Member For Busumbala Constituency!

Honourable, I believe you are aware that the 1997 Constitution of The Gambia which guarantees “right of freedom of speech and expression” and “right of academic freedom”, which are clearly stated on section 25 (1) (A) and 25(1) (B) respectively.

Furthermore, the principles of participatory democracy necessitate that citizens should hold their political leaders accountable with regard to their performance in national office. It is from that viewpoint that I am writing this open letter to you, outlining my reasons for melancholy and unhappiness, which I believe are shared by most people in your constituency Busumbala.

Honourable, you may not know about me. I am a resident of Kombo Kerewan village, Busumbala Constituency and I have a keen interest in the affairs of our great nation The Gambia. However, please be informed that our patience is running out because we are yet to see any tangible development in our constituency under your leadership as you promised us during the campaign period.

Moreover, we the people of Busumbala Constituency are now wondering whether you have all what it takes to be in parliament. Besides, we are critically monitoring your activities and are gradually getting disappointed in you as our representative in Parliament.

It must be put on record that, ones desire to be a parliamentarian alone does not make him a parliamentarian. It takes the willingness of the overview of the constituents to vote for one that results in him/her becoming a parliamentarian. This willingness and mandate is expressed in their votes for the development of the area and the general welfare for good.

It is in that note I want to remind you that, you being in the house of parliament has been made possible because the people of Busumbala Constituency want a representation in the highest decision making House of The Gambia for their voices to be heard and their problems to be fixed. However, we have noted with deep concern that you have failed in your duties as our representative.

You should know that we voted for you to collaborate with other stakeholders to solve the numerous of problems troubling our constituency ranging from environmental pollution in Mandinari caused by the Chinese Factories and the dilapidated roads across the constituency which cause the movement of goods and services problematic. We want to inform you that if this approach should continue, you will miss several opportunities to get in contact with the people of Busumbala.

Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Political Activist

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