Monday, 4 June 2018

The Truth Shall Be Told For A Better Gambia!

 Omar Touray must be released and left alone to exercise his democratic rights as a sovereign citizen of the Republic of The Gambia which are guaranteed under Section 25(1) A and 25(1) B of the 1997 constitution

Furthermore, this is intimidation and the officers involved in this dishonourable, shameful recording and harassment should be reprimanded and charge for human right violation as per the laws of the land.

"They are not upholding the law as professionals but a cult serving the interest of few". We have many armed robbers, thieves and rapists who are walking freely in the streets of The Gambia who are yet to be arrested.

The government is yet to demonstrate any leadership direction after one year in to office. Is that The Gambia we dream where citizens constitutional right are being denied to serve the interest of few elites.

The Gambia as a country will continue to sink until and unless the citizens are treated with respect and dignity. The Gambia belongs to The Gambians both those home and abroad. But with this era of selective justice we can't move towards a better Gambia we all want to see.

Those his action is wrong but he don't warrant such an undemocratic and humiliation. He is innocent until proven guilty by the court. Presumption of innocence is under Section 24(3) of the constitution.

The matter should be investigated with immediate effect to bring those human right violators to face the full fledge of the law.

The Security personnel should not be used as a mean/tool of castigation but rather the protectorate of the citizens.

A Luta Continua!

Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Political Activist

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