Monday, 10 July 2017

Re: Jola Political Leaders Must Stop Using Foni For Political Expediency

The content of your response is well noted. Please be informed that you are a threat to the society and world peace at large. Since you don’t disclose your identity, if you really believe in what you are saying kindly disclose the lost identity of yours in order to respond to your PhD questionnaire in detail.

Secondly, two wrongs’ cannot make a right. I ‘am quite sure that your IQ is below 0.1% since the dimension of your response is encouraging and preaching tribalism. Your caption really defines who you are. Max you are academically and emotionally raw and crude, to an extend that you cannot even distinguish between “in and from”. From Foni doesn’t mean that one is born in Foni.

Thirdly, my write-up was a vacant cap which I ‘am sure its fits you since I was addressing people like you Mr / Miss / Mrs. Max that is why you wore it. I came across a lot of your indecent write-ups against Jola’s, but I said to myself no need to respond to a Zombie like you because you lack understanding.  I will advise you to remove the cap from your narrow minded head in order not to undermine neither to poison the minds of our unborn generation. May God in haven never do that, Amen!!

To come down to your level let me take you for a short marathon. It is arguable that the negative effects of tribalism permeate all African countries. Millions have been killed, maimed or displaced in civil wars in sub-Sahara Africa over the past 50 years, mostly because of tribal agitation. Most of us are living witnesses to the carnage that occurred in Rwanda and is still going on in Somalia. These countries have fallen into the abyss mainly because of tribalism.
Tribalism in Africa has been a major stumbling block to democracy as well as socio-economic development. It affects every sphere of development, from social economic, political to educational spheres. In political spheres, tribalism persists since it provides an avenue via which state goodies and favors trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen.

In Kenya, the regime of Daniel Arap Moi took over power apparently to ensure the revenge of the Kalenjin ethnic group over the long predominance or alleged predominance of the Kikuyu. Logically, therefore, the security and safety of individuals in key positions of the regime rely on staying in power.

In Ethiopia, the regime of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), spearheaded by the Tigrean Liberation Front (TPLF) and directed by Mr. Meles Zenawi, controlled central power ten years ago evidently with the intention of ensuring the predominance of Tigrean or other non-Amahara interests over the alleged predominance of the Amhara ruling class.

In 1964, the alleged “Arab dominance” in Zanzibar was revenged by a revolutionary seizure of Arab properties by the “Africans”. The rivalries between Igbo and non-Igbo groups in Port Harcourt, between Yoruba and Hausa in Ibadan (Nigeria) and other similar occurrences in the Congo Leopoldville, Rwanda, Burundi and others signify not ethnic conflicts per se but just sheer power struggles for the control of either major resources (wealth) or political power or both, by certain groups playing the ethnic card. (See H. Wolpe, Urban Politics in Nigeria).

Finally, have I ever mentioned to you that I ‘am / was a political leader? Your aforesaid immorality response was a hateful fabrication of intolerable huge falsehood, extreme dislike, deep-rooted academic and intellectual dishonesty, mathematically calculated wrongly and intended to portray the decent piece of mine “God Save The Gambia” in bad light, and to maliciously destroy the dignity and impeccable integrity, which I ‘am known for.

Mr / Miss / Mrs. Max since you are the proprietor and the founding father of tribalism, I will advise you to find another place to go as far as Mars, you don’t deserve to be with us!!

Thank you…

By: Saidina Alieu Jarjou

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